Snow storm

When my alarm went off this morning, I checked the weather first.

eccde0ce-9960-4ff3-8c75-04caa5c7d002Thankfully, I committed to my friend that I would meet her this morning. Otherwise, I would have gone back to bed.

I made sure to wear lots of layers: 2 pair pants, 2 pair socks, 3 layers on top, a hat and something to cover my nose and mouth.


I was definitely warm enough.  Two adjustments for the next snow storm will be a cap to keep the snow out of my face and non-cotton gloves because once I started sweating, my hands were freezing.

In the end I ran 4 miles and it was tough.  Snow reminds me of running on sand (though sand makes an even tougher run).  I felt tense and out of breath almost the whole time.

Now, that I’m home and showered, I feel proud of myself and thankful for my run friend for running with me.






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