Time to get back outside

3C17858B-2B0D-440B-87DE-50D99F464030We had a polar vortex passing by this week (that’s really what the news called it).  You can see from my last post that it had quite the affect on me.  I barely made it out of my pajamas let alone to exercise.  I worked from home for 2/3 days that my sons school was closed.  It was great, and cold.

Yesterday I broke the streak with a 40 minute yoga routine so this morning I was ready for a nice outside group run.  The weather is going to warm drastically today (40 degrees by evening!). We met at 7am and the weather predictions were slightly warmer than the actual temps.  Although compared to -14 (-35 windchill), 9 degrees was a heat wave. I was dressed in layers but my hands were very cold for the first mile.  I started to 2nd guess my decision to run this morning.

We started out on the main road going east, but soon the sidewalk which was nicely cleared disappeared into a snowy, icy mess. So we decided to head south to a sub division that one of the girls knew was cleared.  We ran in the street the whole time and luckily didn’t encounter too much more snow.

When we turned the corner to head back to our cars, I’ve never been so relieved to see the finish.  My mind was wandering with worries about freezing my lungs in the cold.  Silly, I know.

I finished at 3 miles for today.  The other girls went a bit farther but I didn’t want to overdo it.  Tomorrow, I will run in a Super Bowl 5k.


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