Anybody out there?

This morning was an almost perfect morning to run. 24 degrees, no wind, sun rising and no one out yet. This is a somewhat busy road which I was able to run a full mile in the middle of the street! (My eyes water terribly in the cold)

I’m not sure why this gets me so excited. Maybe for a moment I feel like the world is all mine. Or, like I’m seizing the day. Dramatic, I know.

Or maybe it’s as simple as being completely alone, with my thoughts and my music (today I chose Post Malone).

Whatever it is, I had 5 miles worth of it. This picture is the local park which was also empty. I had to do 2 loops to make sure I got in 5.

Another thing that usually bothers me, but actually helped me this morning is that my husband had to leave the house for work. Which meant I had 50 minutes to finish 5 miles. This includes traffic lights, pictures and walking over icy spots. Most days I might have given in to doubt and figured I should only go for 3 or 4 to ensure I was home in time. But today, I went for it! I made sure I ran far enough from home that I had to finish my miles. I just ran faster šŸ™‚

I feel great and accomplished. I’m currently showered, fed and sipping on some coffee listening to my son make fart noises with his noisy putty. And it’s only 9am. šŸŒ¤šŸ˜Š

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