Trail Run

Today my friend and I ran 7 miles on a trail.

It was beautiful and very refreshing. Since it’s only March in MI, the ground was still very hard. Usually, a trail will be a bit softer on your feet and joints.

The weather was cool (~25 degrees) and sunny. I wore 1 layer of pants and 3 layers of shirts and it was perfect.

We had good conversations about marathons, periods and the TSA :). We finished at a 10:20 pace.

There’s something so calming about running in the woods. I’m happy we decided to run it today. It’s a nice break from the city streets. I used to think it was ok to run alone on a trail like this. But because of the attacks on Runner’s the past few years, I don’t feel safe alone. It’s too bad because this would be a great place to unwind with a nice solo run. Or, with a few friends! 😉

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