My fear of dogs

Yesterday was a perfect day to run. It was mild, had just finished raining and smelled like spring! I was working from home and planned to go for a run during the lunch hour. As it came closer I started to consider which route would have the least dogs. Probably the main streets, but that wouldn’t be so peaceful during lunchtime. Then I thought I could go to the park but that would mean driving which I also didn’t want to do. So I opted for 3 miles on my treadmill on a beautiful spring afternoon because I was afraid to run in my neighborhood.

I love dogs. I have a dog and I pretty much always have. Ever since I was charged and nipped by one last year during a run, I am afraid of them when I run. I used to never have this problem. Now, when I hear a dog barking during a run I get so nervous I don’t even want to look up.

I don’t know how to get over that. I’d like to because I really love running in my neighborhood alone. And I love dogs and don’t want to be afraid of them.

When I’m with people, I feel more comfortable. So today, we ran 8 through Canton neighborhoods. We chose a dirt road direction and of course it was beautiful. And, although there were dogs barking we didn’t get charged 🙂

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