Day before the 15K

Tomorrow I will run with my run group in a 15K (9.3 miles). We are a little under trained but we’re excited because it’s a nice long run right in the beginning of spring.

Weather shows 41 degrees with 60% chance for rain :(.

Tonight I volunteered to pick up all of our race packets at the expo. I have plans to go to the Tigers game later so I will be near the expo anyway. I get really excited to shop at these expos. I love finding unique run stuff.

Last few weekends, we’ve run 8 miles as our long run. Last weekend I really struggled to make 8. But I think it was because of what I ate on Friday. Which was beer and tortilla chips. So today, although I’ll have a beer at the game, I plan to eat a balanced dinner. With good carbs 🙂

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