All State Hot Chocolate 15k

What a day! It’s been about 50-60 degrees here for the past few weeks but today the temp dropped to 40 with high wind and rain 😩. We were prepared for the worst.

I realized today that this is part of the fun of running: the science of getting your clothes right for the various conditions. Last time I ran a race together with this group, we ran a half in pouring rain for the first 5 miles! It was awful but we have so much fun talking about it.

Today we dressed warm with rain in mind. Luckily the rain held off until we finished. The wind however, was brutal. It was cold and felt like we were pushing against it the whole time. And, we’re not in top shape so it was pretty tough to keep going.

There were lots of cool things about this race. First, the course started and finished along the Detroit Riverfront. It’s beautiful and faces Canada.

We ran through the Dequinder Cut (I was too miserable to take pictures) and finished super close to where we started.

The snack at the finish line was hot chocolate and melted chocolate with snacks for dipping. It was the perfect warm snack on this cold day!

Here are a few other pictures from the finish. For some reason, we look very happy but we were freezing!! ❤️

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