Running and weight

My disclaimer here is that I am trying to improve my self talk. I am working on considering food and myself as healthy or unhealthy. It’s still a work in progress.

There is a misconception that running equals weight loss. For me, that’s not the truth. I have a hard time ramping up miles without ramping up calories. Unfortunately, they’re the bad calories as I don’t plan enough food ahead of time so I find myself “starving” and eat what ever quick junk is easiest. Or, I justify scarfing 2 large pieces of my father in law’s homemade chocolate cake because I ran 9 miles 2 days ago.

The truth is, I know this type of food and binging is not good for me. And, it causes me to gain weight.

The commitment to train for a marathon should also come with the commitment to nourish myself properly. I’m just not ready for that yet I guess. I keep saying “later”. Let’s see if I ever get that together 😑

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