My first 10 mile training run of the program

I’m going to have many more of these. My training plan has me running 10 miles as a break in between my longest miles. But today was the first 10 miler of my plan.

It didn’t go like I thought yesterday. My friend Erin came down with a cold so I decided to go to Kensington myself. I prepared well though. Water, Gatorade and raisins were the supplies I brought. I dressed for weather (finally warm!) and sunscreened my face.

I got there around 830am and the parking lot was crowded. This is part of the reason I like to go to Kensington. There are always lots of runners, bikers, etc on the trail. I feel secluded but safe.

I rocked this run. I felt like a pro, albeit, a very sore pro ;). The only thing I did which I’ll have to be careful of is eat raisins and stop for a water break when I didn’t need it. I stopped at ~6.5 even though I was moving along fine and felt great. I stopped to take the picture below. It was just too pretty to pass! I figured since I stopped, I’d eat a snack and drink some water. Mistake! My tummy was so upset the rest of the time. I was kicking myself because I really felt like I didn’t need anything beside my occasional sip of water. I should have listened to my body.

I’m feeling great post run. I’m very thankful for the beautiful weather today and the good 1st 10 miler. I know they always won’t be so easy.

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