Where the #@$& have I been!

I have not felt like writing in this blog 😩. I have no idea why. Time is always a factor. But it’s just an excuse for me. Guy took Jameson up north last weekend so I totally could have done it while I was alone. Instead, I cleaned, shopped and netflixed.

The good thing is that I’ve still been running. I’m up to 9 mile long runs. Tomorrow will be 10. The weather in Michigan has been cool. Summer has not officially started yet. For running, it’s been great!

Tomorrow I will wake up at 600 to leave by 615. I will get to the school at 640, run to meet Erin (1mile), run with her to the school (1 mile), run 4 with the group, run Erin home(1), run 3 miles myself! Last time this didn’t work so well for my psyche. I’m testing to see if it’s really the plan or if I just wasn’t mentally ready to do 9.

This is a picture of a 6 mile run I did in Ludington

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