16 miles

Now that it’s over, it was ok. I ran/walked the last 4-5 miles. I’m trying to figure out if it was mental. It is so hard for me to get my mental well being in check. I tried breathing techniques, being in the moment, getting angry. But I only felt better when I walked a little. I felt hungry and hot and exhausted.

My disclaimer is that I went to the Chris Stapleton concert on Friday, had a beer, drove 2 hours to our cabin, got to bed at 2am, woke up to run at 10 and ran in a lot of heat and sun around the lake. Are these only excuses? I don’t know! Ugh. I’m frustrated about it.

The best part of my run was my hubby bringing me cold Gatorade to sip along the way. He met me in his car every 2 miles after 6 for a quick sip of cold Gatorade and water. In my first video of this blog, here I am ~ half way through. (Sorry for the heavy breathing 🙄)

After I was finished, my legs did not hurt like last time. I think this is because I wore good shoes the 2 days leading up to this run (like tennis shoes instead of flip flops). I also was barely sore the next day which tells me my training is working well 🙂

For my next long run, I’d like to try a different eating schedule. For example maybe eating later in the night before. Also, I need to find a snack that’s more filling than energy chews.

This was my final picture when I made it back to the house. You can see some of the bugs that got stuck to my sweat 😓

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