Sunday morning short run

This weekend I had 8 on my training plan. I planned to do it Saturday morning but my husband had to work which means I had to be home by 8. Should be plenty of time except that I was meeting my friends at 630 for a Canton trail run. Canton is 30 minutes away from my house so I figured I’d only get 6 in. Unfortunately, we only did 4. So this meant I had to do another 4 this morning.

It was harder than I thought. My legs felt heavy and I felt tired. The weather on the other hand was nice: a cool 65 degrees and sunny 😎. My music choice today was Lizzo. I LOVED her album. It was my first time listening.

After about a mile, I almost ran right into a loose dog sniffing something on the side walk. I almost didn’t notice him. When I did, I was about 6 feet away! So I quietly ran across the street and held my breath and couldn’t bring myself to look over to see if he was coming. From the corner of my eye, it seemed like he did not even notice me. He was sniffing and running back and forth. Phew!

Shortly after that, my sunscreen started dripping into my eyes and for the rest of the run my eyes were burning. I didn’t wear a hat or headband today which wasn’t a smart move on my part.

But I finished! And I finished at a good pace. I’m showered now and sipping some Bigby coffee. I have to decide how to schedule my runs this week. I’m supposed to do 20 in 2 weeks but that’s St. Linus festival weekend and my step son’s wedding shower. So I may decide to do it next weekend.

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