Stranger Danger

The other day, a man walked out of the playscape I park by in the early mornings. It was still dark, 545am and he had a weed whacker or a metal detector. It was too dark to tell.

We have been parking in that parking lot for almost 2 years. It’s remote. It’s behind a gym which opens at 5 so there are a few employee cars that drive in while we’re there. This is the 1st time we’ve experienced this.

I made sure to look at him and say good morning really loud. I don’t know if that helps but I think I learned that in a self defense class a long time ago. He responded and got right in his car.

Erin was already in her car (parked behind mine). She was there if something would have happened. I’m lucky because I’ve been running our 3 miles together and then running another few on my own when we’re finished. I hate to be afraid to do that.

I am usually careful but as I am ramping up miles, my weekly runs have to be longer and I do them in the early mornings. I will have to continue to run alone in the dark. I probably need to start carrying mace. :/

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