Tired AF

Now that the fall is coming and the weather is cooler and it’s darker in the morning, it is really hard to wake up for my early runs! I usually set my alarm for 4:20am so I can snooze a bit before I have to get up at 4:30. I have my clothes set out from the night before. I take everything downstairs to get ready so I don’t wake up my husband or son. By the time I fill my water bottle and eat a banana piece, I’m usually out the door by 445.

Sometimes when I’m driving, I feel like I’m half asleep. I realize I’m driving like 10 under and everyone is speeding around me! But I’m good by the time I get to Canton.

This week was especially hard because I have had the work week from hell. Even if my alarm went off at 8, I’d still want to stay in bed. If I wasn’t ~ a month out from my marathon, I would have stayed in bed.

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