Bad run

I had a bad run today. It happens sometimes but now it’s happened for 2 days in a row.

I overslept my alarm this morning and missed my group run. So, I figured I’d work from home and run on my lunch hour. That has NEVER worked before. If I don’t get it in in the morning, I won’t do it. But it’s crunch time, so I had to.

I looked at the weather before I got ready and the weather description said it’d be a lot cooler than yesterday. Unfortunately, it meant that by the end of the day it would feel cooler but not at noon. So I was not dressed cool enough. I wore a thick cotton tee and long shorts. And it was SO HUMID! But, once I stepped out of my house I was going to be damned if I was going back in. The mental fight I had with myself to leave in the first place was too hard!

I started out so slow. My legs felt like led. I hoped after a few miles, I’d loosen up but I didn’t. Then I got thirsty but didn’t have any water. I was determined to get all my miles in so I stopped at a water fountain at the park. It wasn’t enough (low stream) but it helped. I never did pick up my pace. It felt like I couldn’t go any faster even if I was being chased. I was over this run before I even started. I was sweaty, slow and achy the entire time.

On the way back home everything hurt: my knee, my hip and a new pain…my back 😫. The picture I added doesn’t do this miserable run justice. I finished my 5 miles. I should be proud, but I’m sore and tired. And, my back hurts.

This weekend is 20. I’ve devised a fun route which gives me running friend time and lands me back at my house for the end. I’m nervous as hell considering my last 2 runs. Wish me luck!

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