20 miles

I’m so happy it’s done! Relieved actually. In most training schedules, this is the longest distance before the race. I wanted to add a 22 miler for my psyche but I don’t know if I’ll need it now. I kind of have an idea how I’ll feel after 20 😬

To prepare, I hydrated with water and coconut water all week. And I ate all the bread I could get my hands on! Last night, I prearranged my Gatorade and water and Gu. This morning, I used Vaseline on any body parts I though might chafe. I also took an Aleve in advance.

I did the first 10 with my friends (life saver for sure!) and Guy and Jameson met me for my last 10 (Gatorade and Gu every three miles). I barely walked ( only for Gu or water) and made pretty good time.

After I finished, I showered and stretched and am now sitting with my compression socks on. My whole Saturday morning has been spent on this run. 6 hours total including driving, running, shower, stretch and food. It’s, no doubt, a huge commitment. I even want to take a nap now! But my husband might kill me. 😜

This pic is some of the love I got when I was done. It makes my heart smile ❤️. The best love I got today was to see my 6 year old son hanging out of the car window yelling “you’re almost done mom!” Lol. I didn’t get a picture because it happened too fast ❤️.

The last 45 minutes of my run I was listening to David Goggins who says we need to do the hard shit on our own. I believe the same but the support I have from my friends and family has been instrumental in helping me to meet this goal.

And this video is just to show you what a beautiful day this really was 🌤❤️

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