Work Travel

Since I’ve signed up for this race, I’ve been better at running while traveling. I never feel like it but I’ve been doing it. I’m starting to wonder if my laziness “I don’t feel like it”, is normal-it’s such a struggle sometimes!

On this trip, I worked like a dog. The night before my run, I worked until ~ midnight and woke up for a 5am meeting. After that meeting, I had an hour before my next conference call. My first argument with myself was that I should shower and head to the office for it. But really, it was a phone conference so I could take it from the hotel. Then I argued that I should get some more sleep since I had another long day ahead. But in the end, I convinced myself that I needed to run. It was a good thing because it was the only run I did during this week :/

I ended up running 5 miles on this treadmill. I felt really proud. And really fit! I finished in time to get upstairs, shower and call into my conference. I later celebrated with a glass of wine. And then I didn’t run for the rest of the week because sometimes laziness (in this case, stress maybe), gets the best of me.

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