Losing Steam

I’m tired of running. I’m tired of thinking about running. I’m tired of planning for running. I’m tired! I’m a complainer. I hate complaining. I’m tired of complaining about being tired. I’m frustrated that I feel this way. I’m annoyed that I feel this way.

This has been the song in my head for the past few weeks. And it’s won. I have run 3 times in the last 12 days. That is not good for me. I have been drinking more coffee, then I have water, also not good. I feel like I’m in burn out mode 😩

My friend Jami says that I should listen to my body, but I think I’m listening too much to my negative thoughts. I keep reminding myself I only have to do this for 4 more weeks!

I’m very excited for my last long run tomorrow but I’m worried it won’t feel as great as last time because I haven’t been taking care of my training. Thankfully, I have a little village coming to support me!

This is a picture of Jami and I running in the rain on Thursday.

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