My last long training run

Since I ran 20 a few weeks ago, I planned to do 22 today when I originally made my training plan. Now I realize, there’s really no reason to do 22. So today, I told myself that I’d like to run 18. I organized another activity day for my friends and fam at a local park. I also asked my hubby and son to come and fish so I could have some moral support.

The day started at 6am in my household. My family was very supportive.

We got to the park by 7 where I met Jami who ran the first 12 with me. It was a drizzling and a bit humid but we made it. This is a picture in between the rain clouds ❤️

Then I ran to finish the miles with my friend Michael. His knee was really hurting today. Today was his 20 miler and it was really hard for him. By the time we made it around the loop to my hubby, my sister and brother in law were there. I was so thankful for my little village!!!

I feel very fortunate to have all this support. It would be next to impossible without it.

So I ended up a little over 19. Im sore and tired but I’m happy with that and I’m ready for this marathon! ✅

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