Motion is lotion?

I heard the phrase “motion is lotion” from another runner. It motivates me to get out there even when I’m sore but today my motion was definitely NOT lotion.

Since Saturday’s 19 mile run, the backs of my thighs have been hurting. It hurts when I walk fast and when I go from sitting to standing. My right thigh is hurting much worse than my left. I’ve been stretching them out. I read somewhere that inversion stretching helps with sore muscles so I’ve been laying with my legs as straight as possible against the wall for a few minutes at a time. I also borrowed my friend’s R8 and have been trying to roll out the hurt.

This morning I woke up feeling better. There was still some pain but much better than yesterday. So I figured I’d try 3 with my group. šŸ˜‘


Probably not the best idea. As soon as I started running, I wanted to stop. It HURT. I was determined to run though bc I have a few trips lined up and know I won’t have many opportunities to get it in. So I shortened my stride and took it very slow. By mile 2, I could only feel it a little discomfort. I finished the 3 and have been resting week ever since.

My leg feels tight but I don’t feel pain. I’ll keep on stretching and rolling and hopefully I’ll be ready for my next run on Thursday.

Btw, I have been taking 1 Aleve before every long run. I haven’t taken one since Saturday but I was close yesterday. I prefer to not take medicine until absolutely necessary. I’ve been taking one before my long run because 1 time I didn’t and my legs were throbbing by mile 10. Maybe it’s all in my head but I only have 1 more long run to go!

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