The Day before!!!!

I ran my few short runs this week with the crew. The weather was much colder and I was tired (work has been terrible lately!). I felt very accomplished to “complete” my final runs.

Yesterday, I went to pick up my packet and join a pre party with my husband and my friend.

Michael doesn’t look happy to hang with us but he is πŸ˜‰

The expo had so much good runner shopping. I bought new socks (always a splurge but worth it) and a winter running jacket.

I’m so very excited!! It’s making me worried that I’m too excited and by mile 3, I’ll be exhausted by excitement. I’m also nervous. I’m not sure I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

Today I’m focusing on hydration, nutrition and rest. I’ve just finished my sweets and coffee for breakfast and now it’s good carbs and coconut water from here πŸ™‚

I have to figure out what to wear tomorrow. The weather is going to be beautiful! 68 degrees and sunny by the time I’m done. But 44 degrees at the start while I’m just standing there waiting to start.

I also have to get my podcasts ready. David Goggins has been so motivating for me while I run so I plan to listen to him some more. For the first half, I’ll be with Jami so my podcasts just have to take me through the last few hours.

I’ll check back in tomorrow. By this time tomorrow I’ll be about half way done πŸ™Œ 🀞

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