After marathon, in quarantine…

I told myself I would stop writing in this blog after my marathon. I’m still running short distances which has been pretty uneventful in this quarantine. Today, for the first time in 2 months, I met up in the early morning with my run group! We still have a stay at home order in MI but we are allowed to exercise outside. I probably should stay nearer to my house but I’m longing to get back to my group!

Even though I felt great and almost “back to normal”, a few things brought me back to reality.

First, this is the playground we meet at. I’ve posted pictures before about creepers coming out of there in the dark mornings. Usually though, it’s kept well and it seems like a quaint play area for kids. My son has even played on it before when he and my husband came to support one of my long runs. The fact that this sign is up made me a little sad about our current state.

Second, the last time I ran with this group it was pitch black and freezing! Fast forward 2 months, it’s still cold but the sun was out when we finished. It made me a little sad because that means I’ve already missed a small part of the season where I gradually see it get lighter and lighter. It gives me some excitement for the coming spring!

I’m thankful in any case for my health and for this group where I have made friends and have accomplished so much with them. From now, I plan to continue the early morning runs at a socially distanced space with anticipation for my old life back.

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