Running for the dogs

Today I was so surprised to have a puppy join us for our run! Talk about distraction! This is Lucy, my friend’s new puppy. She is so cute and was so happy to be running! I couldn’t stop watching her πŸ™‚ She only ran the first mile with us but it went by very fast for me because I was watching her trying to bite the grass and keep up with us. If you’ve never ran with a puppy…it’s an instant smile guarantee! (Unless you’re holding the leash maybe)

During this quarantine, we all pretty much adopted dogs. It’s a great time as we’re all home and have the time to work with the dogs to acclimate. My dog is also named Lucy. She’s a rescued Doxie mix. She was rescued from TX and caravanned up to MI. I saw her on the rescue website and couldn’t resist! She unfortunately, may never run with me because she’s severely timid. I plan to contact a behaviorist once this virus is under control and maybe they can help her be brave. Right now, she barely comes out of my son’s bedroom 😦

In general, I wanted to talk about dogs a little bit because we if we could tap just half the joy that they contain, I think we’d be much happier overall! During running I guess I can relate to the joy especially when I have a runner’s high πŸ™‚ But what about when my family walks into the house? When my husband walks in from a grocery store trip, or work. I might say quietly “hi, hunny”, or I might hear him from another room and not say anything until I see him because I’m in the middle of something. But what if I started greeting him with enthusiasm like a dog would? I should be excited to see him, I love him, right? How would that make him feel? Probably pretty good! What if I was greeted like that when I got home? Not too over the top, just the goofy, joy and happiness to see me that says, now that you’ve walked in the door somehow this day will get better πŸ™‚ It would make me feel special.

Losing my doggie last year still hurts my heart and it’s really nice to have a dog in my house again (even though I can’t really get her out of the bedroom yet!). There is something special that dogs give to humans and maybe if we sit with that a little bit, we could take away some happiness lessons from them. Here’s a short article that says it better than I ever could.

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