I have not previously done the RW run streak before. I’ve never tried any streak. Well, I’ve tried my own running streak but it didn’t last long. The reason it didn’t last long is because it’s hard to run every single day!

Recently I’ve done well with sticking to my weights and running. I’m not losing any weight (because I can’t stick to a diet) but I have enjoyed being consistent with the 2 activities. So, I decided this was the year I’d try the Runners World run streak.

I lasted 4 days. Then I totally forgot to run on the 5th day and didn’t feel like running on the 7th day almost missed today (9th day) but I still ran. So now I’m going to turn this challenge into how many days out of the next 41 can I run at least 1 mile. So far it’s 7/9. Not too bad.

My normal run days are easy to make. I’ve created a good habit to run my 3 days per week. I feel off if I don’t. The tough part is to add in those other 4 days to make a streak. Aside from forgetting to do it, it can be a pain to add a mile in for the following reasons:

1. It interrupts my routine. It took me almost 2 months to perfect my quarantine routine. I’m still working, my son is home, my husband is stressed and I want to fit in time for exercise and fun! The first two weeks were the hardest. I slept most of the morning, I was short with my family and I wasn’t very happy. Now, our routine is that I get up early, exercise, work all morning, eat lunch with my son, do his schoolwork and then work the rest of the afternoon and enjoy family time in the evening. We like this routine, it’s familiar and a nice change of pace from normal.

2. Running is messy. Even if I did find time for running every day, I’m still getting sweaty. Especially if I run outside! So ideally, I should fit it in before or after my weights. But then that means I wake up earlier, which isn’t always convenient. I am a dry shampoo person on the days I don’t run. Does this mean I’ll have to wash my hair everyday? What about run clothes? Do I have enough to run 7 days per week or will I have to keep up better on my laundry?

3. It hurts. I enjoy my rest days. When I don’t rest, my legs feel heavy. When I overdo it, I get tired earlier in the evening. When I am sore, I like to take extra time for rolling and stretching. This all leads back to difficulty #1.

So why do it?

RW writes that streaking is a gateway to self motivation and run discipline. It could also improve my time, probably my mood and definitely my heart rate. But what makes it so appealing to me this year, is the challenge. The marathon was a challenge and I still can’t believe I did it. The quarantine routine was a challenge but now I have it perfected and I don’t want to go back to “normal”. What will I feel after the run streak? I’ll have to let you know. And maybe next year, I’ll actually streak everyday.

Do you want to streak with me? Visit for the rules and a tracker!

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