Great run week

This week I’ve run with my siblings, my son and my friends! Part of the draw of running each time and for each person, was to do it outside. My siblings wanted to run somewhere pretty to get a few miles in, my son needed to get out of the house (my preference!) and my friends and I prefer the fresh air.

On Sunday, my siblings asked if I wanted to join them to run by water for a peaceful change of scenery. Of course I do! I love pretty scenery when I run. To me, it takes me away from the difficulty of what I’m doing. It was later in the morning, so a little hotter than what I’m used to. It was beautiful. We went to a park, along the water, where there were tons of families fishing. We ran into the town with older buildings and homes along the water. It was definitely worth the extra 40 minute drive! My siblings ran about 2 miles and I tried my best to finish 3 (but I forgot my watch! so, I assume I was at or close to 3).

On Thursday, my son was bouncing off the walls. I’ve been feeling pretty guilty that he’s been home every day since middle of March because of Covid 19. Recently, I’ve taken him to play with his cousin but otherwise, he’s home and bored all day. And he’s been driving me a little crazy with his whining. I realize it’s because he’s been in the same house day after day. On Thursday I figured we would try to run as long as he could (usually, about 4 minutes). But he ran a whole mile! Without stopping and without complaining! (What?!) We played a game where I followed him wherever he ran. He got to choose the streets we turned on and I pretended that he was getting us lost. It was a fun game and a fun run.

Saturday I met with my friends to do our regular Saturday long run. I only planned to do 6 but ended up at 8. I was pretty miserable. We started early because it was supposed to be very hot. We picked a trail to run because it’s beautifully shaded but we ended up in full sun after the first few miles because we took a turn to get us some extra miles. It was so hot and I felt drained. I also hadn’t run very long the few weekends before so it was pretty rough. The rest of the day though, I felt great! And I slept like a champ. 2 things that always happen when I have a hard long run.

So I attribute this great run week to my running partners and the great outdoors. Without them both, I probably wouldn’t have run as much.

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