Showing up for myself-Day 1

Sooo, it’s a learning curve right?

  1. Find an activity that you enjoy and go all out. CHECK! Running 🙂
  2. Schedule time everyday for your activity. CHECK! Early morning otherwise I won’t do it.
  3. Have a back up plan. Hmmm…I think I messed up here today. I didn’t wake up early enough and then my day just sucked the time away. I knew I should have a backup plan but it wasn’t a detailed back up plan. Maybe something more specific would have helped. Something like…’I didn’t get up early enough to workout so I will take 30 minutes out of my lunch (or dinner) hour and go for a walk’. Hmmm…it’s now 8pm and I didn’t take any time out for physical activity today and I’m already wiped!
  4. Scale back the busy-ness. Hmmm…another issue I had today. I couldn’t stand that my car had so much dog hair on the inside so I drove 10 minutes out of my way and paid money for an expensive vacuum (which I did myself). SO ~30 minutes could have been saved for this already busy day.
  5. Imagine. Hmmm…I imagined after I was already out and about and working on other things. Then I didn’t stop. I should have imagined before I rolled out of bed!
  6. Prepare. THIS IS NEW! Something I realized I missed – Block your calendar, get your workout clothes ready, get your water bottle ready so when it’s time – you just quickly change over to the activity. This step would ideally go between 2 & 3. I’ll collect my misses and reorder at the end of the week.

Ok, so day 1 of my amateur advice, didn’t work very well for me. Let me leave you with my detailed plan for tomorrow:

  1. I will run.
  2. I will run at 615am.
  3. If I need to sleep in, I will do a HIIT workout on BeachBody at lunchtime.
  4. There are 2 things I MUST do tomorrow: 1) Morning work meetings 2) Late afternoon prep at the old house for their inspection. Anything else is glorifying the busy-ness.
  5. I’m imagining now how sweaty I will be after the hot morning run.
  6. I will set out my running clothes before bed.

Wish me luck! (Because I’m very tired right now and I still have mommy duties…do I have to wake up at 545am?)

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