Showing up…Day 2

Here’s a summary of how my second day is going 🙂

  1. Find an activity that you enjoy and go all out. CHECK! Running 
  2. Schedule time everyday for your activity. CHECK! Early morning. Set my alarm and woke up on time today.
  3. Have a back up plan. CHECK! Didn’t need one! (say what??!)
  4. Scale back the busy-ness. Problem. I got so overwhelmed today that I cried when I couldn’t get something to work on my phone. I also yelled at my son who didn’t deserve to be yelled at. I don’t like how I’m feeling. But why am I feeling it? Because I have a to do list a mile long in my head. What did I write yesterday? I only had 2 things to do today…well. I didn’t even get to them yet and I’m overwhelmed. So now I just made myself write down every to do that creeps in my mind…I’m doing a kind of dump to empty it from the constant loop in my brain. Now that it’s emptied, it’s not actually a mile long. It is however 28 tasks long. Impossible to do within today. So I’ll stop freaking out about it and pick the ones that I can get done today. i
  5. Imagine. CHECK! I imagined what working out this morning would be like before I fell asleep last night.
  6. Prepare. CHECK! I laid out my running clothes; committed to friends to meet them and set my alarm…and it worked!

If I had to give the MVP to one of these steps today, it’d be the Prepare step. Runner up would be the Imagine step.

Tomorrow, I have no plans to run but I’d like to lift weights. It doesn’t exactly follow Step 1…so I sense a learning curve coming. Until then, I’ll trust the process.

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