Showing up for myself – Day 3

Today was a little better with the physical activity…let’s analyze what worked 🙂

  1. Find an activity that you enjoy and go all out. CHECK! Running normally would be my activity of choice but today it was weight lifting. I was a little worried because I don’t love weight lifting. But it’s important to me because as I get older, I get weaker – and I don’t like it! Still, I knew I had to follow my new found process in order to get it in.
  2. Schedule time everyday for your activity. CHECK! Early morning. Set my alarm and woke up on time today (again!).
  3. Have a back up plan. CHECK! Didn’t need one! (say what??!)
  4. Scale back the busy-ness. I did better today. I only worked on what I needed and I ignored all the snide comments and dirty looks about what I was or wasn’t doing. (I’m in the middle of reading the book, ‘Girl, stop apologizing’ and last nights chapter was about ignoring the nay sayers!)
  5. Imagine. CHECK! I imagined my arm muscles getting defined as I laid in bed trying to decide whether I would get up or not.
  6. Prepare. CHECK! I laid out work out clothes but I forgot socks and almost quit because I couldn’t find a matching pair at 6am. I did the workout without socks 🙂 Now that’s the showing up I’m talking about 😉
  7. Accountability. Yesterday I breezed over this point but part of the reason I got up and went running was because I told my friends I would be there. Today, I imagined what I would post about my workout in my online accountability group (that I don’t use as I should!). I also thought about what I would write in today’s blog post, so this blog also kept me accountable today! Accountability is more than just showing up. It has to be an action you take to prove that you show up…either in person or via social media. Since not everyone on social media cares about you showing up for yourself, I’d recommend finding an accountability group or partner where you can prove somehow that you showed up.

So, 2/3 days I did ok 🙂 I enjoy fine tuning my process. Tomorrow morning I plan to run. I’m already dreading getting everything ready before bed (I just want to relax tonight!) but I know it’s part of showing up 😉

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