Showing up for myself – the summary

A week ago I wondered what was the perfect recipe that would result in showing up for myself every day. In this sense, I mean showing up for activity. I’ve gone a few weeks without much activity and I really feel it. So, I tested my hypothesis that a fun activity matched with a little preparation would always result in showing up. I learned quickly that accountability also played a huge roll in whether I would show up or not. And, I’m proud to say that I showed up 5/7 days. The days I did not get my activity in, I either didn’t schedule it or didn’t prepare for it.

So, does that mean that I have a good recipe? Maybe. 1 week unfortunately is not enough time to say that this concoction works. SO, I’ll have to try it again. And maybe again and again 🙂

This morning I turned off my alarm so I did not get up early for exercise. My backup plan was a lunchtime session. I have people working at my house today so it wasn’t easy to sneak away but I did it. It’s done and I’ll feel much better about it all after I can shower.

I also assume that this recipe could work for other parts of my life, such as reading or eating healthy. For now, I’m going to focus on 1 thing – activity 🙂

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