Mild Michigan spring morning run

This morning we had such a nice run. Part of my draw to running is being outside. Breathing in fresh air, with the smell of spring in it, is a beautiful feeling. Perhaps this is the “runner’s high” talking. I can’t remember how long it took me to appreciate this part of running. It hasn’t always been the case. I used to run only for the benefit of xtra calories :). Now I run because it feels like living.

We ran 8 miles this morning. We have a 9 mile race in 2 weeks so it’s nice to cross off my list. We ran around the city of Canton and had a short stop at a fitness center for a water and potty break. In the summer, I would have never ran 8 miles without water on me (water bottle, or water belt). Today, I just didn’t think of it at first. Probably because this is the longest run this year and because we’ve been tainted my our cold winter! Any water we could carry would have froze mid run a few weeks ago. I guess it’s time to plan considering warmer weather (finally!).

Now we head into the rest of spring. In MI, that means it can be cold or beautiful. This weekend at least, it’s beautiful.

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